Our quality of life

In our vibrant market towns and picturesque villages – supports businesses to attract and retain the best staff and we’re within easy reach of major population centres across the north. We’re one of the safest parts of one of the safest counties in England. This means we’re a great place for families to grow and people to stay for the long-term.

Living and working in Selby district

“Sherburn in Elmet is one of the very best places to live and work in Yorkshire and a place I’m proud to call home”, explained Stacey Jackson who works in marketing at a company which is expanding onto the new Sherburn2 development. After some time away, she’s settled back into her home town and has recently purchased her first house in a nearby village. “This was a no-brainer. Sherburn and the Selby district is a great place to live, with York, Leeds and Selby in easy travelling distance.

They’re all very different, but have their distinctive attractions. In particular, Selby boasts some superb restaurants, great visitor and leisure venues and thriving nightlife. House prices here are lower than neighbouring cities. People get more for their money”.

Quality of life

Selby town centre has seen significant new investment over recent years.  This has been supported by the Council also investing in events to raise the profile of the town.  Together, this investment is helping to maintain a great quality of life.  This supports our businesses to attract and retain the best talent.  Watch here to find out more from three businesses in the town.


The Selby district is in one of England’s safest counties. It’s a great place to live and work and for families to grow. Our market towns and picturesque villages have a real sense of community that permeates everything that happens.

Affordable housing

We’re investing in delivering new affordable homes across the Selby district. It’s part of our work to make the area a great place to live. It goes hand-in-hand with our support for new private sector-led developments in areas where new homes are needed and can be supported.

Selby District Council is investing £22m to build new affordable homes, as well as work with others such as the Selby & District Housing Trust to bring more properties onto the market.

We’re super connected. Situated right at the heart of Yorkshire.